What is Love?


What is love? Is it the kiss between two who have decided to share their lives with one another? Two who, despite the flaws of the other person, have chosen to dedicate themselves to them. Who have been through arguments, disagreements and upset, but have come out better after it. Who are passionate, caring, silly beyond all compared and unconditionally loving.

Me and Lev, laughing.JPG

What is love? Is it the laughter shared between siblings, who have known one another since birth? Who have shared a home, and slept in the same room, protecting one another from the monsters beneath their beds. Who support one another. Who will always be best friends, no matter who comes and goes from their separate lives.

Me and mom, cuddling.JPG

What is love? Is it the warm embrace of mother and child, when either feels weak? The limitless bond with the first person one can ever know. The person who’s heart beat has the power to make you feel strong again. The face that let’s you know that nothing could ever defeat you.

Me and Milo, 1.JPG

What is love? Is it the little animal that we chose to care for everyday, who wakes us up at 4a.m. with a paw in our face? The furry creature that snuggles up next to us on the sofa, just because we make it feel safe. The child that we didn’t give birth to…

What is love? Love is all these things. That is the beauty of love. It’s so complicated and yet so simple – love is caring without limits. Love is being yourself. Love is being utterly exposed and not being afraid. Love is feeling safe. Love is acceptance. And that’s the most important thing in this world.


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