Capturing Yourself – Life’s Hardest Challenge


Capturing ourselves, will always be the hardest task. In fact, if it’s easily done, you’re not quite complex enough. A photo can reveal so much, and yet the roots go much deeper beneath the surface. Humans evoke a lot of controversy because in one respect, we’re absolutely awful, in that we seem to ruin everything we touch like a virus. But on the other hand, we’re so beautifully complicated and layered that we’re unmatched amongst other beings.


Capturing all that a person is seems impossible to me. No one photo could tell you everything you’d need to know. These people who take selfies as often as they get dressed, seem to want to be reduced to one thing – beautiful. That’s fine, beauty is amazing, but remember that the photo is just as thin as the person in it, if all you ever capture is “beauty”, instead of your entirety.


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