Hard to Swallow


Today’s pictures depicts my feelings about people, the truth and the bullsh*t we’re fed everyday. It’s all very hard to swallow. I for one can’t blindly accept so many things that are ‘the way we live now’. How social media runs our lives. That memes, Facebook selfies and the latest cat videos are more important than real achievements like publishing a novel or climbing a mountain. I think we’ve all lost too many brain-cells. We’re too far gone now. The world we used to know has been crushed under the boot of eccentric media.


Our mothers may say to us that sometimes it’s better to just keep our mouths shut. But the words just get choked up in your throat, don’t they? They demand to be said. I wish I could tell people that their perspective is tainted. Their views are wrong. Not because I’m some elitist who thinks I’m better, but because they refuse to see depth…in anything. They’re shallow and closed-minded. Little do people know, that I think a lot of things that are never said.


A lot of real, deep, sh*t.


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